Fartown School construction

Welcome to the new Fartown School construction website. The council has invested just under 100 million pounds to build a new secondary school which they will provide at least 3,000 new jobs as an estimate, and hold 1300 students. The build is underway and is looking to be finished by September 2017.

In order to build this magnificent school for the whole of Fartown to enjoy it, they have had some of the best businesses proving the best materials and services.



They have had a range of companies included in the build. They’ve had input and contributions for the additions of the new decking newport, as well steel works from a leading Bristol company. The school will have a huge all weather pitch with 3G grass.

There are talks with the local council for additional funding to enable them to build a hard of hearing center, which will make them one of the leading schools for the hard of hearing across the UK. This would be an excellent opportunity for them to offer such a service to the community and it will help so many people in the surrounding area. The specialized center will be able to hold up to 50 students, where sign-language lessons will provide a better learning environment for students. Also it will be fully incorporated into the lessons, with assemblies having a signer to allow the deaf students to enjoy and not miss out on anything the school has to offer.

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